Ecommerce that
moves growers forward.

Our team of experts can help you unlock economic value within your company using our ecommerce and marketing tools.

inventory management

Knowledge is profit

Learn how our team at Scapify transformed Moon's Tree Farm with real-time inventory management, ensuring efficient operations and preventing excess inventory.

website design

A modern web presence for your business

Explore how Scapify created a sleek and user-friendly website for ServeScape. Discover our strategic approach to simplify product education and streamline purchases.

Marketing Strategy

Customers love your plants

Our data-driven approach and customer-centric tactics ensure a seamless journey from interest to purchase.

plant database

Plant profiles that sell

For Dunwoody Ace Hardware, we supplied comprehensive descriptions and images for their website. This allows customers to browse through a rich catalog of plants, accompanied by detailed descriptions. The objective was to drive customers to visit their store for plant purchases.

master gardener

Expert advice at your fingertips

Discover how Master, powered by Scapify, trained ChatGPT4.0 on 70 years of University Agriculture Extension research to revolutionize access to gardening and landscape information. Access a wealth of expert-backed knowledge at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate this white-label chatbot into your website to provide your customers with cutting-edge information, enriching their experience and fostering trust in your brand. 


Your online store is always open

Discover how Scapify automated ordering and increased online sales by 56% for Green Promise Farms through a user-friendly online store and strategic data analysis.

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purpose and profit go
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Once we have received all of your information, your website will be live within 30 days. 

Absolutely, once you become a client we want to partner with you to ensure your website is always up to date! Month to month support is included in your contract. 

The client owns the website once the contract is completed.

Yes. Scapify offers a full suite of marketing services including digital media, paid media...

As partners, our role is to minimize how much your involvement with any tech so you can focus on your area of expertise.

Scapify’s inventory management system was created by a team that has first hand experience with many inventory challenges within the horticulture industry. The combination of the organizational structure and real time updates facilitate a fantastic system.